Dambreak modelling

AS of Muk3D v2019.2.1, there are some tools for simple geometric models for dambreaks.

These tools are only suited to ‘sunny day’ failures or slumping. They model the gravity driven movement of tailings and can not simulate the impact of water mobilising a large volume of tailings.

This approach is meant to act as a simple first pass at hazard analysis, or as a reality check for other, more complicated modelling approaches.

There are 3 main modelling tools:

  • Estimate release volume: based on breach elevation/width & failure slope within the tailings, a release volume can be estimated.
  • Estimate runout surface based on the at-rest tailings slope and a runout volume.
  • Breach a dam which will do the volume estimate and runout surface at the same time.

There are also tools to exporting the runout modelling to KML files so they can be shared in Google Earth.

Simple geometric dambreak modelling with Muk3D

These tools are in the Dambreak menu in Muk3D v2019.3.1 and we’ll be posting some video tutorials on our support website –

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