New animation framework

While Muk3D has some basic tools for creating animations (flyovers), they don’t offer much flexibility. In Muk3D v2019.3.1 a new animation framework has been implemented that provides a lot more user control over movement of the camera, morphs between grids, and animates objects (surfaces, polylines etc).

Several types of cameras are available:

  • Camera movement along a path
  • Camera movement between user specified views
  • Static location
  • 3D window
  • A combination of the above camera types, changing between them sequentially, or recording the screen simultaneously from different locations.

Options for animating surfaces/grids are:

  • Morphing between grids over time
  • Modifying the elevation of a surface/polyline layer over time
  • Animating an object (e.g. a 3D dinosaur model) along a path over time.

The animation framework generates script files, that when executed, will run the animation and create AVI files from each camera. If you’re willing to get into the scripting interface, there is the ability to do even more, including text annotations for each video frame and the ability to execute other commands at each step (e.g. add contours to the morphing grids within each video frame).

Overview of the new Animation framework.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be adding some tutorials to to show you how to create basic animations as well as more complicated animations through scripting.

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