Muk3D v2019.3.1 is now available!

Download links for Muk3D v2019.3.1 have been sent out to users.

In this release, the primary enhancement was the addition of a new animation system, accessible through Tex/Animation/Create animation script. This will create a script file, that when executed, will create an AVI file with the animation in it. The script can also be customised to provide finer control over the animation, objects in the scene, and text annotations in the AVI file.

There is also a new tool for determining minimum beach lengths for different pond elevations in a TSF. It can be found in Surface water/Info/Minimum distance between pond and crest.

If you didn’t receive download links or would like to be added to the distribution list for future releases, you can sign up to our mailing list below, or you can email for access to the download links.


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