Modelling the construction of dams with cyclones

Lately we’ve had a number of enquiries from clients about how to use Muk3D to model the construction of dams using cyclones. Currently this would be something that is done manually:

  • Raise a dam to a target elevation.
  • Divide the dam into discrete sections and calculate the raise volume within this area.
  • Calculate the corresponding cyclone overflow & bypass volumes based on the amount of underflow volume required (dam raise volume).
  • Deposit the appropriate volume of tailings from each cell.

So its possible to do this with the tools in Muk3D, however it can be a bit of a pain.

This example demonstrates a macro that was created to undertake the above steps and automate the raising process. Note that the model shown here is for staging the TSF construction by elevation. The end result is that based on tailings flow rates, we can estimate how long it will take to complete a lift.

The creation of the macro isn’t covered in this example, but will be the subject of a future helpdesk article.